Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

Project managers are in big demand- both as a career and as an expected discipline for certain job titles. Many entrepreneurs have found themselves managing a small or large project at one time or another. As a refresher, I am going to take you through the responsibilities of a project manager.

What Does A Project Manager Do?

Project managers work on projects that have definite deliverables, on limited time, and within budget. Sounds easy, right? It’s really all the things that have to occur in between that become challenging for a project manager- even the really good ones. Project managers coordinate teams, facilitate commitment and productivity, remove obstacles and motivate themselves and everyone on the team to achieve the desired outcome.

The project manager acts as the central point of contact for all formal projects, and communicates with:

  1. The team
  2. The project stakeholders

The team represents the resources selected before the project starts. It is the project managers job to work with and through their team. The stakeholders, will set expectations, and it’s the project managers job to find out what they are, and whether the project scope is sufficient enough to satisfy the stakeholders- if it isn’t then suggestions should be made before the project starts, and expectations should be set.

The project manager’s high-level objectives are to:

  1. Initiate the project
  2. Plan the project
  3. Monitor & control the project
  4. Close the project

Scope Of Responsibilities For A Project Manager

The project manager is typically responsible for the following:

  • Selects the appropriate processes required to meet project objectives
  • Prepares a realistic and detailed project plan and project charter
  • Acts as the central point of contact for project-related communications
  • Ensures team members are aware of the tasks that need done
  • Ensures team members are performing tasks according to plan
  • Obtains agreement to the plan from stakeholders
  • Creates and maintains a project repository for team members to drop off all related project documents and materials
  • Balances restraints of scope, schedule, budget, quality, resources and risk
  • Ensures contractual commitments are fulfilled on time, and to the stakeholders’ satisfaction
  • Reports the status of the project to the stakeholders on a regular basis

The project manager consistently keeps their finger on the pulse. For smaller projects, the project manager may even be responsible for performing some of the technical work, and on larger projects, they are solely responsible for making sure the project tasks are performed as planned, on time, and within budget.



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