People & Products

These are a few of my favorite things in newsletters, articles, tools, and people. I'm always adding, and I've found the best stuff through people like you. If you have any suggestions reach out. email me or open a chat with me on Telegram.


I try to stay in the loop on current events, but I don’t always have the time to comb through news websites. I sometimes rely on newsletters, especially the ones that curate information from multiple news outlets to help me stay in the loop.

Design & Development Tools:

I wear many hats, and I use a lot of tools to get the job done. Picking out a good toolset is very personal, and what it ultimately comes down to is preference. I like interoperable tools that can connect to each other to help improve my workflow.

Creative Cloud by Adobe
Atom by GitHub
Cyberduck by David V. Kocher, Yves Langisch

Memorable Articles:

I read and reread a lot of articles. There is something about the story, delivery, and author style of these articles that has gotten me to read them more than once.



Where I'll work